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Walk n Roll

Walk n


Walk n' Roll is a grant funded program to encourage walking and bicycling at select schools within San Jose by implementing Walking Buses and Bicycle Trains to School. 

Walking Busses/Bicycle Trains

  • A walking bus is a group of school age children (5 or more) that walk together to school with adult supervision.
  • The walking buses and bicycle trains promote a healthy transportation alternative to being driven to school and offer a safer and more enjoyable experience than walking alone.  

Walk n’ Roll Goals include:

  • Instill healthy and active lifestyle behaviors by promoting daily physical activity in a fun social environment
  • Improve safety by increasing the numbers and visibility of students walking to school
  • Reducing traffic congestion and related air pollution around schools
  • Increase community engagement 

Safety Benefits:  Improves bike and Pedestrian safety around school by reducing vehicles within the school zone by:

  • Increasing the visibility of students bicycling and walking
  • Enhancing Pedestrian Safety Signs and Markings as needed
  • Enforcing Safe Driving Behaviors (SJPD and SJPTCO teams) 
  • Teach children lifelong pedestrian and bicycle safety skills 

Walk n’ Roll San José Services All schools participating in the Walk n’ Roll program will receive the “Five E’s”, a nationally recognized method and suite of program services to promote Safe Routes to School:     

Education: City will offer pedestrian safety assemblies, and bicycle safety rodeos through the Streets Smart program, information regarding the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle from the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, and an opportunity to participate in the Green Star School Curriculum.

Encouragement: Guidance on developing and implementing a fun and beneficial transportation plan that includes Walking School Buses, Bike Trains and special events such as International Walk to School Day, Bike to School Day, and Monthly Walk/Bike to School Day events.

Engineering & Evaluation: The City will use a community‐based approach to develop a list of improvements that will enhance walking routes to school. City will implement low‐cost solutions within available grant funds while pursing future grants to continue improvement efforts.

Enforcement: Safe school zone driving behaviors will be reinforced through a collaborative effort with the San José Police department’s Operation Safe Passage and the Department of Transportation’s Parking and Traffic Control safety control.