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Four Square

Object of the Game:  To become the server.

How to play:

  • To begin, four people enter the court (one person per square).  The person in square D is the server.
  • To serve, the ball is dropped down and as the ball bounces back up, the server hits it into one of the other three square. 
  • The server must stand in the serving area until they have finished serving. 
  • In the event of a bad serve, the person receiving the serve may choose instead to catch the ball and request a new serve.
  •  The ball may bounce only once in any square before the player hits it into another square.

·         When a foul occurs, the person who is responsible leaves her/his square and goes to the end of the challenge line.  The other players move up one square (counterclockwise), leaving square A open for a new player.


  • Allowing the ball to bounce more or less than once on the blacktop before returning it
  •  Hitting the ball out of bounds or on a line
  • Failing to return a ball coming into your square
  • Catching/throwing the ball and/or hitting the ball more than once.