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For Families

Here are some things we believe parents can do to help their child be successful in school: 

  • Make it a point to know the staff members at school.
  • Volunteer at school.   
  • Attend conferences with your child’s teacher. 
  •  Keep a school file for each child, including medical records, pictures, fingerprints, and report cards. 
  • Set standards for your child. Children count on caring adults to set limits for them.
  • Encourage and Nurture Your Child
  • Treat your child with respect.
  • Build self-esteem. 
  • Concentrate on the positive and recognize your child’s efforts, not just his accomplishments. 
  • Be your child’s cheerleader as often as you are his/her coach.
  • Recognize your child as an individual and avoid comparisons with other children. 
  • Cultivate and appreciate your child’s strengths.
  • Read to your child and with your child. Let your child see you read.
  • Talk with your child about daily activities.
  • Keep your child healthy with proper diet, rest, and exercise.
  • Have your child’s vision and hearing examined annually or as recommended by your child’s physician.